The Rev. John D. Alexander, S.J. Brooklyn Prep Alumni Association Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund was established by the Board of Directors on December 6, 1999. The fund has grown in value from $826,000 in 1999 to $3,900,000 in 2021. From the inception of the BP Alumni Association in 1961, our Alumni have donated over $3,350,000 to Jesuit High Schools for needy students. During that time we have assisted over 700 students in attaining the same Jesuit education which we all cherish. We donate $25,000 each year to Canisius High School, Fordham Prep, Loyola High School, McQuaid High School, St. Peter’s Prep, and Xavier High School. These scholarships are made possible by the incredible generosity of our Alumni.

Our Board of Directors is comprised of 13 members in addition to our Moderator, Father Dan Fitzpatrick SJ ’53 and our Chaplain, Father Rocco Danzi SJ. The Endowment Fund is managed by Vanguard. Cash reserves are held at JPMorgan Chase Bank. An audit is completed annually by Citrin & Cooperman at our June 30 fiscal year-end.

In 2006 the Board put in place a legal document “Last Man Standing” which assures that our endowment will continue to function and support Jesuit education for needy students after our final Alumnus has passed on.

Recipient’s Letter

Dear Fr. Fitzpatrick,

My name is Charlie Kaczor and I am a freshman at Xavier High School in the Class of I live in Brooklyn and I’m very grateful for the generous support that has made my experience and amazing education here at Xavier possible through the Brooklyn Prep Alumni Scholarship.

Speaking of this experience, it has been a great one! I have joined the band. With the amazing Dr. Pace, I have continued my musical education, racking up my list of playable instruments. I am even considering switching from my current alto saxophone to the violin. I have recently joined the Polish-American Club, embracing my European heritage. I am very excited to learn not only about the history of Poland but the traditions. I may even find a friend who speaks Polish as well.

I have also managed to maintain second honors. I have pushed through Algebra, my favorite subject, and I am even doing well in Latin, the most awe-inspiring and absolutely terrifying subject in Xavier. All of this made possible through my scholarship, which helped me decide to pick Xavier as my school.

I really want you to know how much the Brooklyn Prep Alumni Scholarship means to me and again thank you so much for your concern for students like me at Xavier High School. Have an amazing end of spring and a wondrous summer! For Xavier,
Charlie Kaczor’ 16

Charitable Status

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