If I am having trouble navigating the new website who may I reach out to for help?
You may email your questions to [email protected]. One of our Web staff will get back to you quickly.

How do I pay my annual Alumni dues online?
Go to Alumni/Pay my Dues Online and you will be linked to a form that will allow you to pay your annual dues of $50.00 with a credit card.

Do I need to update my contact information on the new web site if my information hasn't changed?

Do I need special software to view the online videos?
The software already on your computer will most likely allow you to view the videos. If you are having difficulties you may wish to download Adobe Flash Player 7.

One of our fellow Alumni has had a tremendous career and deserves consideration to be nominated for Alumnus of the Year. How do I make the BPAA aware of this Alumnus's achievements?
Please send a resume, if possible, and all pertinent information to [email protected] or by mail to:

BPAA - Alumnus of the Year Candidate
Xavier High School
30 West 16th Street
New York, NY 10011

How do I contact a classmate?
Send an email to the BPAA at [email protected] and one of our Web staff will assist you.

How do I update my info?                         

Send an email with your new contact information to the BPAA at [email protected]

Is my personal information safe in the BPAA database?
The BPAA takes the issue of privacy very seriously. We attempt to qualify all requests for Alumni contact information and we refuse all commercial requests. It has been the longstanding policy of the BPAA that your contact information will only be shared with Classmates from your graduating year.

How do I post info about a Classmates death?
Please send an email to [email protected] with all pertinent information.

How do I contact my Classmates for the purposes of a reunion?
You may obtain a listing of Classmates from your graduating class by sending a request email to [email protected]

How do I submit photos and information for posting on the website about an Alumni event?
Please send your text, photos, and contact information to [email protected].

How do I make a donation to the Scholarship Fund online?
Click the heading Scholarships and go to Make a Gift Online. A form will appear that allows you to make a tax-deductible donation with a credit card.

How do I purchase tickets for the Annual Dinner online?
Click on Annual Dinner & Dues. A form will appear that allows you to purchase tickets with a credit card. Tickets for the Annual Dinner are $125.00. For your convenience, you may also pay your $50.00 annual dues in this section.

How do I purchase tickets for the Annual Dinner by mail?
In the normal BPAA correspondence that you receive in the Spring and Fall, a form is enclosed that allows you to purchase tickets. If you would like to purchase tickets today follow the instruction above for purchasing tickets online or send a note to the following address specifying the number of tickets requested and your year of graduation. Tickets for the Annual Dinner are $125.00 each which includes an open bar and dinner. Annual dues are $50.00.

BPAA - Annual Dinner Tickets
Xavier High School
30 West 16th Street
New York, NY 10011

Please make the checks payable to - The Brooklyn Prep Alumni Association

Who do I contact to purchase tickets and find out more about the Annual BPAA Golf Outing?
General information may be obtained on this site by going to Annual Golf Outing.
For tickets and more information please contact Gene Leyden 71' at:
Gene Leyden
[email protected]

How are my dues and donations to the BPAA used?
Your donations and dues are used to support the Rev John D. Alexander SJ Scholarship Fund which provides financial support for students attending Jesuit High Schools within the New York Jesuit Province. Additional information on the Endowment Fund is available under Scholarships.

If I have a general question - how do I get an answer?
Please remember that the BPAA has a part-time staffer who is in the office at hours that vary according to the season and workload. In an effort to address our Alumnus's concerns and questions more quickly we ask that you send an email to [email protected] and one of our Alumni WebStaff volunteers will get back to you as quickly as possible.

How can I stay in touch with other BP Alumni? Is there an Internet forum or blog?
Brooklyn Prep Alumni can log onto www.Linkedin.com and go to Groups and find the Brooklyn Prep Alumni Association. The official BPAA does not monitor or take responsibility for any of the activities on this site. We offer this link for the convenience and for the benefit of our Alumni.

If I played a sport at BP may I receive a listing of fellow Alumni teammates?
Sorry - The BP database cannot sort specific lists of team sports participants.