Merry Christmas Message from Father Dan Fitzpatrick

A child is born!

A sign of new life! We are filled with joy!

Hope springs up in our hearts for the future!

In a time of darkness the child brings light!

We are so thankful for this gift!

He is Emmanuel!

         It is in the dark of night that Jesus us born. Despite the darkness Jesus’ birth brings us joy. As we come to celebrate Christmas so differently this year of the pandemic, we still can rejoice. The darkness will not overcome the Light!

Jesus comes as a baby, just like all of us. His coming to us as a child tells us of the value of human life. Jesus comes to sanctify human life. Jesus comes to let us know the dignity and worth of each one of us. Jesus comes to tell us that every human life is precious. Every life is precious, black, brown, white, every life!

So we rejoice in this gift of life. In this time of darkness we see so many lives taken by the Covid virus. Each life a gift from God; each life created in the image and likeness of God. Jesus comes to tell us that He embraces all  that it means to be human, even suffering and death.

In His birth Jesus brings us hope! The angel says to the shepherds: “Do not be afraid.” At this time we all need to hear those words deep in our hearts. The darkness will pass; the darkness will be overcome.

Our hope leads us to trust. We trust because has kept His promise and has sent us the Savior. We live in a world of mistrust. Maybe the Birth of Jesus renew us all to trust one another. The birth of Jesus calls us all to be trustworthy. It is only in relying on one another that Jesus can give us the peace He was born to bring.

When we look upon a newborn child, we are all filled with excitement, joy and humility. We recognize in the child a miracle. Each child so different, each child an individual, each child with many gifts and talents. Each child a miracle created in love.

And so this Christmas let our hearts be raised to God in thanks. Jesus comes gratuitously! We thank Him for coming. He truly is the gift that keeps on giving. He comes to bring us Love itself. No matter how much money we spend on any gift, we know that we cannot buy love. Jesus comes to bring us the gift of God’s for us. Jesus comes to give us the gift of being able to return that love. Jesus comes to give us the grace to love one another.

No matter what difficulties we have to face now and in the future, it is this Christmas gift of love that will sustain us,

A Blessed Christmas and healthy New Year

To all you and your family

Fr Dan, SJ