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A wonderful article in the Daily News written by BP alum Ron Howell - Catholicism, Francis, NYC & me: Reflections on race and a changing city

About 15 years ago at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, I asked an acquaintance, an Irish-American Catholic, a question about a sequence in the ritual of the Mass. He responded: “You’re not lapsed. You’re collapsed"

Since then, I’ve often called myself a collapsed black Catholic. With Pope Francis set to capture the city’s attention this week, I’m reflecting deeply on that identity and the changing face of New York City.I was raised in the Catholic Church and attended a Jesuit high school — the now-shuttered Brooklyn Prep. I once wanted to be a priest, an ambition that bothered some family members, who became concerned the vow of chastity would leave my mother with no grandchildren, since I was her only child.

   Click Here to read the full story 

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