Father Dan Fitzpatrick, SJ, Moderator | Xavier High School | 30 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011 | 212-337-7551 | brooklynprep@gmail.com
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Rev. Daniel J. Fitzpatrick, SJ .

Brooklyn Prep Alumni Association

Dear Fr . Fitzpatrick,

I am Luis Carpio, Xavier Class of 20 13. I live In Marble Hill in the Bronx. I am very grateful for the

generous support that made the Brooklyn Prep Alumni Scholarship possible for me. It is truly a blessing

to receive this scholarship.

I play both football and rugby. During the football season I was part of the team that went on to win the

AA championship . Now during the rugby season we are getting ready to go to Nationals in Indiana and

hopefully to win the championship. I am going to greatly miss my teammates. These are the guys I have

been around most during my time in high school . I did my Christian Service this year at a public school,

which ranged from grades K through eight . I had a great time working there. I was a counselor to the

students, helping them out with their academic and social problems . I learned a lot about the students and

also learned a lot about myself and my relationship with God.

This scholarship has really impacted my life because if it weren't for this gift then I would not have had

been able to attend Xavier . This scholarship is truly a blessing for my family and me. My parents are so

grateful as well to have this scholarship for their son. Because of this scholarship I was able to have

unforgettable memories with people that I will never forget . The best thing about being a student at

Xavier is the camaraderie. During the football season eleven of my teammates were displaced because of

Hurricane Sandy. This brought the whole team together and we overcame adversity and won the

Championship at -the end of the season.

-1will be going to St . Bonaventure in fall . I received a full scholarship and I am very excited to attend. I

will be playing rugby there and majoring in Political Science. My career goals are to work in either the

CIA or FBI . My Plan B is to play on the USA Men's Rugby Team .

I want you to know how much the Brooklyn Prep Alumni Scholarship means to me and again thank you

so much for your concern for students like me at Xavier High School . Thank you for everything over the

past four years. Have a great summer .

For Xavier,

Luis '13
150 West 225th St .

New York, NY 10463

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