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   Fifty First Anniversary Reunion Dinner

Altman Building 135 West 18th Street New York City

Thursday, May 3, 2012


After finishing a sterling career at the Prep where he earned All-City Honors in baseball and football and was elected Senior Class President, at the urging of his coach, George Paterno, John attended Harvard University. While there he earned eight varsity letters

and starred in football, baseball and track. Upon graduating John played two years in the Red Sox minor league system, and then went on to a successful pro football career as a cornerback playing in the Super Bowl III Namath “Guarantee” game for the Jets and the Franco Harris “Immaculate Reception” game for the Steelers.

Since his playing days, John has combined a career in sports broadcasting for CBS and NBC with the daily operation of his facilities management firm, Cambridge Corporate Services. At the same time, he has devoted himself to charitable causes.

Compassion and respect for the disabled is a central theme for John. Devoted to his younger sister, Margaret, who struggles with cerebral palsy, one of John’s core focuses is support of ABILITIES, one of the world’s foremost facilities for educating and training people with disabilities. Each year he coordinates the ABILITIES Sports Night which raises over $1,000,000 annually. In addition, for the last 40 years, he has managed the Namath/Dockery Instructional Football Camp which has extended hundreds of scholarships to promising young minority athletes. He has been named “Man of the Year” by the HOPE Program, American Lung Association and National Center for Disability Services, and is active in the National Theatre Workshop of the Handicapped.

John and his wife, Anne, reside in Brooklyn. His older daughter, Erin, is a veterinarian, and his daughter, Ciara, is completing a PhD in Psychology at Fordham. They have two grandchildren, Maeve and Finn MacDermott.


After attending St. John’s Prep and serving in the U.S. Army during World War II, Jack enrolled at
St. John’s University. Upon graduation in 1949, he began his career as a professional baseball player in the Boston Red Sox organization. In the 1951-52

school year he coached the varsity and freshman basketball teams at Brooklyn Prep. A leg injury ended his playing days prematurely, and in 1952 he began his 22-year baseball coaching career at St. John’s compiling a 366-115 career coaching record, leading the team to 11 post-season and three College World Series appearances. Jack moved on to become Athletic Director for St. John’s for 22 years during which time he was also President of the NIT basketball conference and the driving force behind and one of the original founders of the Big East Conference.

Jack has been the recipient of innumerable honors and awards, including membership in two college Halls of Fame; and in 2007 the St. John’s baseball stadium was re- named the “Jack Kaiser Stadium” in his honor. Jack has been a mentor of the
St. John’s community for nearly 70 years as a student, athlete, coach, and administrator. He is currently the Athletic Director Emeritus and still working every day.

Jackandhiswife,Connie,liveintheboroughofQueens,NY. Hehasadaughter, Robin Winograd and grandson, Jeremy who is a junior at Bennington College in Vermont.

Hall of Fame basketball coach Lou Carnesecca, Jack’s long-time friend and fellow coach at St. John’s, will introduce Jack at tonight’s awards ceremony.

Recipients of our BPAA Scholarship Fund


Daniel A. Carcamo

Senior, Xavier

Gordon Edwards

Senior, Fordham


Emma McCauley

Junior, Loyola

L.A. Smith

Senior, St. Peter’s


From Left to Right: Maurice Ragland, Sophomore, Virgil Parker, Freshman, Fr. Edward F. Salmon, S.J. - President, McQuaid Jesuit, Nathaniel Pennington, Junior, and Michael Walsh, Junior




John W. Campion `48 Joseph F. Pilaro `51 Richard T. McSherry `54 Henry P. Egan `55 Donald J. Urgo `55 Francis G. Ziegler `58 Louis J. Rotondi `62 Francis A. Scaltrito `62 James B. Murray `65 Paul M. Atanasio `66 Charles M. Balistreri `67 Mark A. Longo `67

Brian J. Duffy `68
Jack D. Barry `69 Arthur V. Gorman `71 Francis H. Gregorek `71 Guy P. Nicosia `71 Anthony J. Messina `72 John P. Uehlinger `72


Richard F. Burke `53 John J. Conefry `62 John J. Ayoub `70
Dr. Peter A. Galvin `72 Bernard P. Kennedy `72 Jeffrey F. Rizzo `72


Jeremiah J. Lawlor `51 Raymond W. Rohne `52 Joseph M. McManus `53 Frank R. Verna `53

Alfred W. Fiore `54
Richard T. McGovern `55 Thomas P. Smith `57 James G. Sweeney `58 Joseph C. Dimino `59 Kenneth C. Gertsen `59
Dr. Nicholas F. La Russo `60

Robert L. Melore `63 Patrick W. Neubert `64 William L. Spellman `65 Kenneth P. Ambrogi `67 John P. Browne `67 Patrick J. Griffin `67 Allan F. Kramer `68 Conrad P. Voldstad `68 Laurence J. Murphy `69 Neill A. McAllister `70 Wayne T. Muratore `70 Frank Torres `71

Dr. Peter A. Galvin `72 John A. McNamara `72

A contribution has been made in honor of the following Jesuits or former teachers:

Rev. Jack Alexander, SJ Rev. Raymond Balduf, SJ Mr. Edward Bartley
Rev. Carl Beck, SJ

Rev. Daniel Berrigan, SJ Rev. Robert Dahlke, SJ Rev. Owen Daley, SJ Rev. Donald Devine, SJ Mr. John “Jack” Devlin Rev. James DiGiamco, SJ Mr. William Duffy

Rev. Paul Dugan, SJ
Rev. Fredrick Engel,SJ Mr. Robert Esposito
Rev. Francis Fahey, SJ Rev. Joseph Faulkner, SJ Rev. Joseph Finnerty, SJ Mr. Robert Fleischacker Rev. Harold Folser, SJ Rev. James French, SJ Rev. Francis Geraghty, SJ

Rev. John Gerhard, SJ
Mr. Franklin Gregory
Rev. Robert Groenewold, SJ Rev. Edward Guth, SJ
Rev. Francis Hamill, SJ
Rev. Lawrence Hill, SJ
Rev. Alvin Hufnagel, SJ
Rev. Arthur Hughes
Rev. Arthur Kehoe, SJ
Rev. John Kelly, SJ
Rev. Jerome Kleber, SJ
Rev. Joseph Latella, SJ
Mr. Murt Lawrence
Rev. John MacDonald, SJ Mr. Vincent Maguire
Rev. Edward Maloney, SJ Rev. Laurence McCaffrey, SJ Rev. William McCusker, SJ Rev. John McDonald, SJ Rev. Francis McNamara, SJ Mr. Charles Meyers

Mr. Michael Murray
Rev. Joseph Musselman, SJ Rev. Robert Nelson, SJ
Rev. Francis O’Connor, SJ Rev. Joseph O’Donovan, SJ Rev. William O’Malley, SJ Rev. Harold Oppido, SJ
Rev. Anthony Paone, SJ Rev. John Paret, SJ
Mr. William Quinn
Rev. Paul A. Reed, SJ
Rev. Gerald Rippon, SJ
Rev. Joseph Schuyler, SJ Rev. Gary Schwartzkopf, SJ Rev. Russell Sloun, SJ
Rev. Francis Staebell, SJ Mr. Raymond Sullivan
Rev. Eamon Taylor, SJ
Mr. Charlie Winans

List as of 4/30/12



HonoRARy ALuMnuS (A)


1961-62 John I. McNamara, `26 1962-63 John I. McNamara, `26 1963-64 Peter F. Muratore, `49 1964-65 John A. Maguire, `44 1965-66 Hubert C. Bordfeld, `32 1966-67 Francis Carberry, `31 1967-68 Jay Reilly, `43 1968-69 Jay Reilly, `43

1969-70 John Moore, `43 1970-71 John Larney, `49

1971-72 Joseph Ciminelli, `43 1972-73 Jay Reilly, `43
1973-74 Robert Shaughnessy, `43 1974-75 Robert Shaughnessy, `43 1975-76 John P. Walsh, `23 1976-77 John P. Walsh, `23 1977-78 Joseph M. Golden, `43 1978-79 Joseph M. Golden, `43

1979-80 Joseph F. Mannix, `46

1980-81 Joseph F. Mannix, `46

1981-82 James F. Manning, `48

1982-83 James F. Manning, `48 1983-84 James M. Casey, `43 1984-85 James M. Casey, `43

Dr. Leslie Tisdall, `26

Joseph Califano, `48 Joseph Paterno, `45 John Powers, `30

John Hayes, `33
Rev. Robert Harris, `50

Bob Giegengack, `25
Bill Blatty, `45
Admiral Anderson, `23 Joseph McLaughlin, `50 George Sheehan, `36 John T. McNamara, `26 Quinton C. Van Wynen `28 Robert F. Coogan, `41

John B. Hofsiss, `67 Murtha Lawrence, `36 Msgr. Robert E. Fagan. `47

Joseph A. Healey, `47 William P. Ford, `53 Lawrence G. Pape, M.D., `64

Gil Hodges

Rev. John W. Kelly, S.J. Rev. John J. Morrison, S.J.

John Devlin William Quinn

Bishop Mugavero, Rev. Eamon Taylor, S.J.

Hugh Carey
Spec. R.J. Cronin, S.J. Rev. W. Welch, S.J.

Bill Duffy

Rev. W.T. Wood, S.J.

Walter Doolan

Zev Graham

Bill Shea

“Bingo” McMahon

Rev. Fred Engel, S.J.

Charles Winans
Spec. H.J. Oppido, S.J.

Terrance J. Rafferty Spec. J. J. Gerhard, S.J.

Mrs. Mary McPhillips Spec. F.A. Connor, `32

William N. Burke Franklin D. Gregory

Rev. Jack Alexander, S.J. Rev. Joseph Finnerty, S.J. Joseph J. Montana



HonoRARy ALuMnuS (A)


1985-86 Robert P. Latkany, `55 1986-87 Robert P. Latkany, `55

1987-88 James M. Gemake, `53 1988-89 James M. Gemake, `53 1989-90 William J. Blum, `63 1990-91 William J. Blum, `63 1991-92 John H. Wynne, `50 1992-93 John H. Wynne, `50 1993-94 Joseph S. Kassis, `56 1994-95 Joseph S. Kassis, `56 1995-96 Robert T. Grant, `49 1996-97 Robert T. Grant, `49 1997-98 Eugene J. Carty, `66 1998-99 Eugene J. Carty, `66 1999-00 Richard T. McSherry, `54 2000-01 Richard T. McSherry, `54 2001-02 Richard T. McSherry, `54 2002-03 Steven A. Zambito, `71 2003-04 Steven A. Zambito, `71

2004-05 Steve A. Zambito, `71 2005-06 Ralph P. Mascia, `71

2006-07 Ralph P. Mascia, `71 2007-08 Ralph P. Mascia, `71

2008-09 Jack Barry, `69
2009-10 Jack Barry, `69
2010-11 Jack Barry `69
2011-12 Michael J. Comerford `72

The Murphy Brothers, `44 -`60

Cyril F. Brickfield, `37 William B. Walsh, `36 Robert G. Hodson, `42 Rev. John T. Catoir, `49 Thomas S. Murphy, `42 Thomas S. Palmeri, `56 John E. Sexton, `59 Peter J. Gillen, `64 Robert S. Bennett, `57 Frank G. Ziegler, `58

Fr. James Sinnott, M.M., `47 John R. O`Rourke, `62
James N. Loughran, S.J., `57 John A. Lombardo, M.D., `64 Maj. Gen. Donald C. Hilbert, `50 Peter T. King, `61

Peter J. Gouras, M.D., `48 Vincent R. Quayle, `57

Nicholas F. LaRusso, M.D., `60 Rev. Daniel Fitzpatrick, S.J., `53

Rev. Donald Moore, S.J., `47

Paul O`Connor, `71 Neal Scott, M.D., `71

William G. Clancy, Jr., M.D., `59 David G. Butler, M.D. `57
Henry P. “Hank” Egan `55
John P. Dockery `62

John C. Lawn
Spec. F.J. McNamara, S.J.

Rev. Lawrence B. Hill, S.J. Rev. Joseph A. Latella, S.J. Edward J. Bartley
Frank Babinger

Rev. Joseph T. Watson, S.J. Rev. John L. Farrand, S.J. Rev. Raymond J. Balduf, S.J. Charles F. Myers

James M. Casey, `43

Rev. Francis W. Turnbull, S.J.

Curtis Sliwa

Rev. Daniel J. Berrigan, S.J.

Rev. Richard J. Curry, S.J.

Rev. John J. Paret, S.J.

Rev. William J. O`Malley, S.J.

Rev. Edward F. Maloney, S.J.

Eugene A. Perry

Rev. John J. McDonald, S.J. Spec. Bud Roepken, `53

Michael J. Murray

Rev. Joseph P. Kane, S.J. Spec. Rev. Jack Alexander, S.J. Spec. Joe Kassis, `56

John M. O`Connor

Rev. Gerard C. Reedy, S.J. John W. “Jack” Kaiser




John M. Amato Eugene J. Brannigan


Roland J. Gorton Walter R. McCurdy


William F. Mackey


Charles H. Carole
Dr. Patrick J.Concannon Richard E. Duer
James T. Lynch
Rev. William J. McCurdy, SJ Edward R. Reilly
Richard H. Schaefer


John W. Brennan Bartley F. Flaherty


Joseph H. Farrell Raymond L. Mastoloni Peter F. Muratore Bernard J. Nee
Philip F. Nolan


Edward G. Barry James M. Crowe Robert J. Darcy James P. Dollard Allan E. Englehart Thomas J. Farrell
Dr. Donald J. Michels Joseph J. Roach


Sen. Gerald Cardinale Edward G. McCabe John D. Noonan
Dr. John J. Starke James J. Trainor


Robert B. DeVerna Daniel A. Dolan Donald A. Kuhn Patrick J. Molloy Anthony F. Mugnolo


Gerard F. Brady
Raymond H. Brescia
Richard F. Burke
Andrew P. Coll
Charles F. Digney
Richard T. Downey
Anthony J. Falanga
John F. Ferguson
Rev. Daniel J. Fitzpatrick, SJ James M. Gemake

John M. Gillen
Edwin P. McGuirk Joseph M. McManus Anthony J. Monteleone Gerald E. Moran James R. Rafferty Arnold W. Roepken Salvatore J. Salibello Philip C. Sievers
John M. Smith
James J. Sullivan


Richard J. DeDomenico Michael J. DePirro Alfred W. Fiore Jonathan F. Greene Richard W. Hutchinson Joseph F. Messineo Harold J. Vitting


Dr. John J. Battles Richard J. Conti Edward D. DelGiorno Edward J. DeNave Thomas C. Duggan Henry P. Egan William W. Endall Terence F. Gilheany Dennis J. Kelly

Br. Edward F. Kent, OSF Robert P. Latkany Andrew J. Lohr William K. Mahon Edward J. Mastoloni Richard T. McGovern Gerard A. McKenzie Stanley J. Niedzwiecki Phillip J. Pierz Lawrence K. Reid Christopher A. Sarlo Dr. Lawrence J. Shivers

Michael E. Sullivan John P. Tutunjian Donald J. Urgo
Dr. Edward C. Werner


David J. Jacobs Thomas F. Johnston John E. McCarthy Harold P. Meschi Kevin J. Ryan

Carl E. Schunk


Dr. David G. Butler Kevin F. Driscoll Lawrence F. Kelly Eugene D. O’Neill
Dr. John P. Petrocelli Sebastian P. Polizzi Joseph J. Romano Charles A. Schmitt Thomas P. Smith
Rev. John F. Wrynn, SJ


William J. Higgins Kevin P. Kilgallen Stephen J. McCormick James J. Rhatigan John A. Sena

Kenneth T. Sergiacomi James G. Sweeney Francis G. Ziegler


Edward C. Brennan Edward Dwyer
Peter P. Higgins
John J. Keegan Michael T. McKiernan Frank E. Morris

Dr. John E. Sexton Charles J. Smith Walter E. Trum


John T. Ciulla James F. Clancy
P. Kevin Faherty Maurice F. Mahoney Robert L. Meschi Michael L. Ryan James T. Sirico George A. Strafaci Peter V. Sullivan


Frederick R. Bleakley Rev. Jeff Chojnacki, SJ Charles P. Dietz
Edwin J. Draney Sandy Gradler

Dr. Richard A. Irlando


Richard J. Astoreca Joseph E. Backofen Robert J. Bartolini Robert L. Beck Richard T. Buonato Joseph A. Buro William J. Camera Louis D. Carvelli Robert R. Clarke John J. Conefry William F. Connell Joseph P. Crowley Richard C. Cucci Robert J. Dalton Richard A. DeBella John P. Dockery

Dr. Frank P. Donnangelo Thomas A. Doody Michael J. D’Orlando James M. Ellingham Robert F. Esposito Timothy G. Feehan Brian T. Fleming Michael F. Foley William A. Fusco Joseph E. Gardner Dennis M. Glavey William A. Gomes Richard J. Graham Lawrence C. Gulino Denis M. Hurley Paschal J. Iacullo George W. Jorgensen Daniel J. Lanigan William C. Loehfelm Stephen Long

Peter M. Lorey
John F. Magilligan Nathan J. Marciano Anthony A. Marsicano Joseph H. Massot
Dr. Anthony J. Mastellone John J. Mohalley
Bernard J. Noonan Edward F. O’Connell
John R. O’Rourke
Peter B. Patterson
Dr. Dennis Rhatigan

Dr. Dominick J. Riccio Joseph J. Romano Louis J. Rotondi Edward G. Ryan Anthony S. Santoro Francis A. Scaltrito David A. Scott

Dr. Raymond J. Sheridan John E. Sigel
Nicholas F. Slovak Alexander J. Swiderski Daniel R. Varona

Dr. William J. Walsh John R. Whelan Robert J. Wittich


Thomas E. Butler
Frank J. Chiarchiaro Alfred A. DelliBovi John J. Donahue Thomas V. Giacoponello John W. Jurgensen John F. Lenahan

Peter J. Madison Gerard E. Marandino Richard J. Rocco Richard W. Sepe Thomas F. Stanton James E. Storz Peter C. Tomolonis


Stephen J. Bishop Paul C. Coulter Thomas J. FitzGerald John F. Grandinetti Thomas R. Hession Martin J. Maguire Walter A. Voytus


Dr. Joseph F. Atanasio Andrew V. Fellingham Peter F. Flattery Arthur J. Gonzalez Joseph M. Incorvaia Robert T. Kelley James B. Murray John F. Nettuno Walter J. O’Brien Robert A. Oppedisano Edwin P. Petrazzolo Dr. Frank J. Sirianni Stephen J. Treadway Eugene P. Trudden Ronald R. Vanchieri John M. Zizzo


Eugene J. Carty James F. Clarke Charles J. Crawley Dr. John A. Lombardo Peter P. McLoughin John J. O’Brien

Brian P. O’Reilly Terence M. Quinlan Michael C. Ryan David L. Sheehan Peter N. Stevens


Kenneth P. Ambrogi Charles M. Balistreri Robert H. Berger Gregory J. Blass

Dr. James W. Brady John P. Browne Michael P. Carlucci William J. Carter John A. Chiaramonte Patrick W. Condren Robert B. Corno

Dr. Richard E. Cummings Francis J. DePeter Joseph V. DiBlasi Michael J. Dougherty Kevin J. Duffy

Mark A. Dupper
James L. French
Dr. Francis X. Gleason Stephen P. Greeley
Patrick J. Griffin
Frank W. Jones
Victor J. Kahwaty
Michael T. Keenan
Dr. John L. LaMattina
Hon. Christopher P. Lee
John D. Lindsay
Mark A. Longo
Edward B. Mallen
Dr. Frank T. Marchese
Robert L. Maresca
Rev. Joseph V. McCabe, M.M. Timothy P. McCormack Francis L. McGrath
Francis H. Murphy
Thomas A. Murphy
John J. Needham
Martin H. Rhatigan
Mr. Frederick J. Roemer William J. Rossi
Louis J. Scotto
William G. Sheehan
Martin P. Skrocki


James F. Smith Jeremiah J. Starace Thomas F. Sweeney Gerard P. Uehlinger Eugene E. Vascotto Edward J. Viola Raymond T. Wendt Andrew F. Zangle


Kevin J. Doherty Brian J. Duffy Joseph P. Egan Salvatore J. Matera James P. Quinlan Robert R. Rovegno Stephen G. Vanacore Conrad P. Voldstad William J. Ward


Jack D. Barry
John J. Boyle
James P. Dorney Barton S. Finegan Eugene P. Grace Kenneth J. Grossberger Paul G. Hanrahan Patrick T. Hoey Dominick J. Loschiavo Dennis R. McCoy Stephen W. Rosendale


John J. Ayoub
John J. Burke
Harry V. Caddell
Roger C. Campbell Charles J. Casey Thomas J. Charles James M. Frawley Thomas M. Kwiatkowski William G. Lee

Frank A. Luisi
John A. Luongo
Neill A. McAllister Edwin V. Miranda Wayne T. Muratore Joseph E. Porcelli Thomas J. Randazzo Dr. Gary S. Saphire Charles R. Sauter Leonard J. Shine
Dcn. Thomas J. Stadnik John G. Vanacore


Arthur V. Gorman Francis H. Gregorek Eugene P. Leyden Andrew A. Lukas
Ralph P. Mascia Kenneth W. McAndrew Brian G. McMullen Guy P. Nicosia

Jerome M. Nocerino Paul J. O’Connor Robert T. O’Neill
John R. Pallonetti Anthony A. Pramberger Frank Torres

Gerard J. Walker


Peter F. Brady
Francis D. Burke John J. Cannon Richard J. Capellini Joseph P. Carson Michael J. Comerford Thomas P. Coyne

Dr. Louis C. D’Aquila Brendan J. Dugan Michael J. Edwards Charles A. Ellis
John L. Ferramosca Rev. James E. Gaffney Joseph D. Gaffney

Dr. Peter A. Galvin Robert J. Gilbert Daniel D. Hann
Mark E. Hayes James G. Jarocki Orlando A. Jimenez Bernard P. Kennedy Peter H. Kern Kenneth F. Kruger Walter L. Larkin Michael J. Lee Thomas M. Lopez Gregory W. MacAvoy James P. Maguire John A. McNamara Anthony J. Messina Joseph A. Mingrone Edward J. Mockler George J. Murphy Julian Quan

Jeffrey F. Rizzo Denis J. Roche Patrick J. Savage

John P. Scollo
Paul T. Sconzo Francis A. Seggio Robert C. Skelly Michael J. Skivington Michael R. Smith

Dr. Frank A. Spinosa Joseph V. Stillo
Dr. Robert J. Terzuoli Thomas J. Tobin

Dr. William A. Tramontano John P. Uehlinger
Peter F. Vanacore Raymond A. Vance Anthony E. Vazquez Michael F. Wallin


Vin Auriemma Amanda Bartley
Ned Bartley
Pilar (Missy) Bartley Meghan Bracken
Lou Carnesecca
Sean Campbell
Rev. Robert Dahlke, SJ Rev. Rocco Danzi, SJ Len DiCostanzo

Anne Dockery
Ciara Dockery
Erin Dockery
Anne Fitzgerald
Bill Fitzgerald
Rick Flowers
Rev. Daniel Gatti, SJ Stephen Iannone Connie Kaiser

Jack Kaiser
Ryan Kaple
Rev. James Keenan, SJ Bob Malarkey
Cormac MacDermott Andrew McGee
Mark Mongelluzzo
Kay O’Donnell
Daniel Orlovsky
Tony Oroszlany
Rev. John Podsiadlo, SJ John Raslowsky
Rev. Robert Reiser, SJ Mike Rizzo
Alfred Vanacore 

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