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The Brooklyn Prep Alumni Association received this wonderful letter from the mother of a scholarship recipient The Brooklyn Prep Alumni Association received this wonderful letter from the mother of a scholarship recipient. We thought all of our very generous Alumni would appreciate reading his story.

My son Michael is a recipient of funds from the Brooklyn Prep Endowment fund. I would like to thank you for your immense generosity and foresight to be a living spirit for youth. Michael attends McQuaid Jesuit High School in Rochester, NY. I am a single parent at this time and a nurse. Michael’s older brother finished at Seton Hall University in 2008 where he also pitched for the baseball team.

Ironically we do have a very close friend who has been a coach and mentor to Michael who lived across the street from Brooklyn Prep. He too was the son of a single parent. He attended Catholic schools through elementary school but his mother could not afford to send him to Brooklyn Prep at that time. So reading the “Last Man Standing” philosophy and thinking about how this Brooklyn neighborhood has come full circle to us was very moving. It seems some wonderful men have been raised in Brooklyn.

Michael has a wonderful and empathetic heart. He seems to have found a loving and supportive home at McQuaid in these first few weeks in spite of a rocky start. He tends to be very bright and sometimes just a little lazy. His recent success has been very empowering to him and he is a very happy kid. He hopes to be on the baseball team there in the spring and follow his brother in that venue.

I said in my initial letter to McQuaid that I really felt the Holy Spirit has guided me to find a way for him to be there in spite of a very good school system where we live. I knew I wanted him to be a wonderful and successful man that would always think of the “Greater Good” and make the world a better place for having been here.

I hope you have a wonderful and blessed Christmas and again, Thank you so much.

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